Spirited Culinary Adventures with Natalie Bovis

Edible Cocktails: Kitchen Meets Bar

Following on the success of her latest cocktail book Edible Cocktails: Garden To Glass (Adams Media, 2012), Natalie Bovis brings the marriage of cuisine and mixology to her new online video show Edible Cocktails: Kitchen Meets Bar.  Bovis’ passion for using fresh, seasonal ingredients in both food and drink reaches to a wider audience through this informative and entertaining how-to video series, broadcast monthly here on The Liquid Muse.

Future episodes will include spirits and liqueurs of all varieties, vinegar-based fruit and vegetable shrubs, candied garnishes, Natalie’s signature Absinthe brownies, and spirit infusions in both cooking and cocktails. She will also teach us about the best cooking utensils we can get out there, she says that if you wan’t to cook at the best level you need only the best utensils you can get, she also says that one of the most important things to consider while cooking is to have a really good and sharp knife, she uses one of his favorites that got from a csgoshop.

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