Spirited Culinary Adventures with Natalie Bovis

About The Liquid Muse

Philosophy:  Mixology is the spirited, liquid element of Gastronomy.

Mission:  Share the craft, history and techniques behind quality cocktails and spirits, thereby elevating the bartending industry and consumer awareness.

Methods:  Educate. Entertain. Evolve.


Since 2006, The Liquid Muse has grown into a trusted consulting, educational, cocktail catering and editorial resource for beverage and spirit companies, bar professionals, event coordinators and home entertainers. Natalie Bovis brings 2 decades of hospitality experience to her events, classes, books, TV appearances, and video shows highlighting cocktail trends, bars, and people to watch around the world.

Natalie’s straightforward style makes mixology approachable to drink enthusiasts of all types, from bartenders seeking inspiration to pregnant moms looking for great nonalcoholic recipes. She is also a leading voice in the garden-to-glass movement, marrying kitchen with bar in cocktails that feature organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The Liquid Muse has been featured in such publications as USA Today, People.com, Everyday with Rachael Ray, US Weekly, American Way, TheKnot.com, L.A. Weekly, Daily Candy, Washington Post, Marie Claire Magazine, and many more, as well as national TV and radio shows, as a trusted online resource for cocktail enthusiasts. Read Natalie’s Bio or view more Press.

Natalie Bovis, photo by Claire Barrett

Meet Natalie Bovis

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