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Spirited Awards Winners Video – Tales of the Cocktail 2016

One of my favorite projects of the year is hosting / co-producing the annual Spirited Awards Winners Video at Tales of the Cocktail. This is the eight year in aContinue Reading

Digging In (video show) Episode 1: Farms & Restaurants

  When we first discussed this video show collaboration between Edible Magazine and The Liquid Muse, we knew our focus would address how locally produced goods can be the cornerstoneContinue Reading

Drink History & Support Mary’s Bar in Cerrillos, NM!

Drink History & Support Mary’s Bar in Cerrillos, NM!

Once in a while we have a chance to make a difference in our community. The hospitality industry is a tight one, globally and, friends, mentors and colleagues in theContinue Reading

Tips For Pairing Cheese and Booze

Tips For Pairing Cheese and Booze

Being a memorable host means surprising your guests. A few bottles of wine and mixed cheese plate is de rigueur at most whoop-de-do’s but have you thought about coloring outsideContinue Reading