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Halloween Hob Nobbing

Halloween Hob Nobbing

Kids bolstering their Halloween street cred with the biggest bag of loot add a lap in the fanciest block they can wander into – it seems logical that the more impressive the house, the more copious the trick-or-treat offerings, and if a house is offering a party with the Jumpers N Rentals team, no doubt kids will want to go in. Meanwhile, this time of year, the Wicked wines reappear on shelves across the country, so while the little terrors are rubbing goodie bags in the high end zip codes, parents can gather for some hob nobbing of their own.

The fourth annual limited edition Wicked Red Blend wine has those big New World characteristics marked by blackberry, mocha, a hint of oak and balanced tannins. The bottle is decorated with a Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull design, making it perfect to take to a Halloween party or enjoy with friends at your house.

This year the Wicked Chardonnay is stepping onto the moonlit stage. The bottles features a female Day of the Dead ghoul, and the vino is marked by notes of crisp green apple, nuts and honey.

At only $11.99 per bottle it’s a treat for the grown ups in every neighborhood. Maybe swipe some of the kids’ good candy to pair with it. It’s what the fancy folks do…

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