Spirited Culinary Adventures with Natalie Bovis

Natalie Brings Quinn Stephenson of Coyote Cafe to NM Style (TV Appearance)

The Art of Mixology with Natalie and Quinn: kasa.com

I enjoy my Mixology Mondays on New Mexico Style TV show for so many reasons!  Now-a-days, I even get to bring on special guests… and Quinn Stephenson was my latest.  Quinn is not only part owner of Coyote Cafe & Cantina, The Den and Geronimo – but he is also the head of their bar program.  Among his many talents is his passion for the “art of the cocktail” which he demonstrates in these two cocktails.  Take a watch to see that the old adage there is no “smoke” without “fire” (even in cocktails) is true!!

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