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Sanctuaria’s Midwest Mixology (One For the Road)

   If you have been around the US cocktail culture for at least 5 years, you will be as excited as I am to see the “inner spread” of enthusiasm and skill from the two coasts creeping inward, blanketing “middle America.”  Yes, in the 90’s, New York was more or less the springboard for modern mixology craze.  San Francisco is also revered as a mixology mecca. From those epicenters, barmen and women got on board with liquid explorations in DC, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles.  But, we didn’t hear a whole lot about the cities in the middle.

Sure, trends tend to start on our oceanic fringes and migrate inward, but its not like the people in the great “middle” didn’t have access to magazines, books, airplanes or this thing called the “world wide web.”  I have come to realize that there are many, many incredible bars in places “coasters” don’t get to hang out often.  Personally, I’ve now visited world class cocktail bars in Nashville and Denver, in the last couple of months – and you will read me blogging more about that soon.

For now, however, take a listen to this podcast interview with Tim Rabior of Sanctuaria Wild Tapas in St. Louis, Missouri.  Judging by my conversation with Tim, and my explorations online, Sanctuaria has a laid back hipster vibe, a neighborhood bar open to everyone but with a focus on fine cocktails.  This is extremely important, in my opinion, because a non-snobbish environment helps introduce mixology to the masses.

Obviously, the cocktail community has taken note of this St. Louis outpost.  Sanctuaria’s impressive 10-page bar menu was nominated for a Spirited Award at Tales of the Cocktail, last year.  If you are a bar professional, a cocktail enthusiast, or near St. Louis, this podcast will get you thirsty for a sip of Sanctuaria!

Check out their menu by clicking this link:   TOTC2012MenuSubmission

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